Ford Capri Perana

The mighty Perana V8 is unique in that it was the only V8 Capri ever sanctioned by Ford Motor Company.

You could walk into any South African Ford dealer and buy one – with a full Ford warranty!

The Perana V8 was based on the Capri 3000 XL and was built at Ford’s Port Elizabeth plant minus the engine and transmission. The Capri was then sent off to Basil Green Motors in Edenvale where the powertrain was fitted and manufacture completed.

Power came from a Mustang-derived 5-litre ( 302) ‘Windsor’ V8, run through a close-ratio Ford 4-speed ‘top loader’ transmission to a purpose-built limited-slip rear axle sourced from the Australian Ford Falcon. For a car built in the 1970s, the Perana V8’s performance was in the same league as exotics. It propelled itself from a 0-100kph sprint in just 6.7 secs, a quarter-mile in mid 14s, and a top speed of 228kph! That is definitely Supercar territory back in the day