Brock Commodore

The VH Commodore was built from October 1981-Feb 1984 and available in Marinello Red also Alabaster White The VH was a major cosmetic update, which included new bonnet, guards, grille, and headlights. In September 1982 Holden introduced its own Sports model, the SS available with either 4.2 or 5.0 V8. The VH was available in 3 other models, the base SL, mid SLX, and luxury SLE.

The Holden Dealer Team or HDT as we know it, built improved versions of the SS to make money for the HDT race team and homologate parts for racing.

Starting with Group 1, which had lowered and stiffened suspension, high capacity air cleaner, Group 1 decals; 100kw 4.2 V8.

Then the Group 2 option which got Blueprinted heads, extractors, rear spoiler, Group 2 decals. 150 kw 4.2 V8.

Then the King of all, The Group 3 fitted with upgraded ignition system, front air dam, side skirts. Group 3 decals. 160 kw 4.2 V8, Group 3; 5.0 V8 option; 180 kW, rear-facing bonnet scoop Total 322 made.

Commodore triumphed in 1982 and 83, winning the Bathurst James Hardie 1000, based on VH SS Group 3 and driven by Peter Brock and Larry Perkins.