Caravans & Trailers

At Classics & Collectibles Garage we do much more than just Cars.


Firstly, we can look after your Trailer and Caravan, so whether it is just a rego check, wheel bearing replacement or adjustment, Electric brake service, or replacement, we have the equipment and experience to assist you. We only use the best parts, including quality bearing and seals.

Secondly, we have a facility to enable easy delivery of your caravan or trailer for repair and service.

A typical major Service would include…

  • Remove all wheels and check and grease suspension as required -reported on any bush or suspension wear.
  • Remove all wheel bearings and inspect or replace wheel bearings and repack with high-temperature wheel bearing grease and fit new seals.
  • Thorough inspection of brake drums for condition, lubricate wheel studs, and reassemble and adjust wheel bearings to specifications. Check brake operation and handbrake operation
  • Inspect the Chassis for Cracks, wear and tear and reported or rectify.
  • Check for rust and corrosion issues and report.
  • All lighting and operation including wiring and lenses and rectify.
  • Check trailer “A” Frame and trailer coupling condition and report.
  • Verify current registration and check compliance plate is attached and report.
  • Check trailer function( such as the tailgate, cage doors, Tilt mechanism etc ) and report.
  • Road test the trailer to make sure it tows correctly and nothing unusual detected.

Trying to do all this yourself is a false economy and potentially dangerous if you don’t have the required skill and equipment. see our included link below about the technical side of attempting it a home.